Thesis Journal Guest Entry Two

“I swing open a hollow wooden door with force. I walk in. I glide with persistance. The emptiness of the room; so vivid; begins to fill my heart. I take a deep breath and move forward. Dark. So very dark. I believe but begin to question myself. I let myself a little lose trying to feel something; anything. The huge rounds of the shadow begin to approach me; nearing me with motive. I feel cautious but somehow manage to catch myself. There are broken pieces of glass scattered randomly like blood in a crime scene. I move forward but slightly towards my left this time and stop. A mirror. A perfect yet insignificant mirror stands a few feet ahead of me. It shines. I can see myself. The wounds of my past have healed; leaving behind obscure scars on my cheeks, forehead and parts of my neck and hands. I feel empowered by the idea of saddness and i feel it; preserve it; and adore it.”


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