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Rickshaw Rides Entry Five


Accidental Detours

The element of surprise is what I love about the older parts of cities.
Chaotic little gullies, far more populated streets, jharokas of the old Sikh and Mughal buildings peeking out at you, tea stalls, food kiosks (dhaabas) at unexpected nooks and rickshaws and bikes honking at the passerby are just a few of the spectacles.
You just never know what awaits you right around the corner.

We had the most delicious tea at the Bhatti Tea Stall, and accidentally went into a narrow street that led us straight to the Shrine (Mazaar) of Bibi Pak Daaman.

The constantly apparent animal-like greed of the workers at the shrine was the highlight of the day. The women at the security check wanted chandaa (money) for tea, the men taking care of our shoes, that we took off outside the shrine out of respect, also wanted chandaa for the food that was going to be distributed later that night. This money seemed more forced out of the crowd that given out of real respect and deference.

It’s quite sad to see these places deteriorate so rapidly. You can no longer feel a real spiritual essence in the air around you. The world is commercializing around us; does it make sense for these special little places to become commercial hubs as well?

Bhatti Tea Stall – Try to Love, don’t be envious.
Inside the Shrine
Inside the Shrine. A Busy Sunday Evening Followed by Niyaaz for everyone
Prayers and Salutations
Board inside the Shrine with the names of the four caliphs.

Rickshaw Rides Entry Three


On one of those hot and humid scintillating days on the streets of Lahore, an ingenious Rickshaw wala devices a way to keep the scorching sun out. Works for me. The temperature of the picture says everything that there is to be said about the heat that day. It also says a whole lot more of the increased fierceness of the sun expected in the upcoming days.  Damn. Hold on tight, Lahoris.

Intersections: Where the Bus Stops

Fancy Days, getting our Bus Stop design published in a magazine.
I participated in a local Bus Stop design Competition for the Lahore Transport Company a couple of months back. It was organized by the Lahore Bienniale Foundation, Parks and Horticultural Authority and  Lahore Commissioner’s Office. It eventually got selected among five other designs and we got called in for a workshop under the Social Innovation Lab in Lahore. The three week design research workshop introduced us to Human Centered Design to further develop our Bus Stops towards the construction phase.

The crux of the workshop was a paper on the Social Study of the Existing Bus Stops in Lahore using Inductive and Deductive Research Techniques with Implemented Prototypes. I will be uploading the paper and videos that we developed out of the workshop shortly.

We were then expected to present the finalized design (shown in the image below) to a diverse jury panel.


Very recently, our bus stop design also got published in Good Times as FOR ART’S SAKE- Intersections: Where the Bus Stops. Super Exciting. Proud Moments.

The construction of our stop is under way. Onsite Construction pictures and stories coming up soon. Stay tuned!