I love walking! Don’t you?

There is so much to see. Here are snippets of the ambitious walks done alone, with friends and family and complete strangers. All these self-contained neighborhoods, super-blocks, and endless acres of concrete serve as backdrops for peoples lives. Yet they seldom stop to look at what actually is around them on the ground, in the sky, teaming street life and human scale. Its only when we appreciate such fundamental realities that we can enjoy life to the fullest and understand how these seemingly unsafe but interesting places still inhabit people that want to live in them.

I have City Walks, done often on my own and at other times with friends and family.

I am also the City organizer for the Jane’s Walk board of the city of Lahore. These walks are based on the philosophies of the urban researcher Jane Jacobs, author of the very famous, ‘The Death and Life of Great American Cities’.
Keep yourself updated with whats happening around your town, oh dear Lahoris. For the outsiders, keep reading. You’ll stay tantalized by this glorious city.


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